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This is the blog of Laramie Sasseville, sometimes writing as Naomi Stone.

I like to think of myself as an ‘artistic generalist.’ I’m interested in the artistic process, as applied through various media, and I practice in various media, learning by doing. A key to art is observation: see what is before you, feel what is within you, hear what comes to your ears, notice what there is to be noticed.

I write (fantasy, paranormal romance and children’s stories), with a handful of published short stories so far, an e-novella (as Naomi Stone) published by Champagne Books, with a full length e-novel due for release in April 2013, and another in June 2013. More about my publications at www.dreamspell.net/LKS/stories.html  I also do some professional illustration, web and graphic design, and sell ‘book jewelry’: fine art bookmarks hand-crafted with ribbons and a variety ofsemi-precious stones(www.dreamspell.net/crafts/)

I love singing, play mandolin, and I participate in Rise Up Singing and Filk singing circles in the Twin Cities area.


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